Amano YK-629671 Ribbon Cartridge

Amano YK-629671 Ribbon Cartridge
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Replacement red ribbon cartridge for the Amano PIX-10, PIX-20, PIX-21, PIX-200, PIX-3000, PIX-3000X, PIX-3200, TCX-21, EX-3000, EX-6000 and MJR-8500 series time clocks.

Also available in black.

Suitable for the following time clock models:
  • Amano PIX-10 time clock
  • Amano PIX-20 time clock
  • Amano PIX-21 time clock
  • Amano PIX-200 time clock
  • Amano PIX-3000 time clock
  • Amano PIX-3000X time clock
  • Amano PIX-3200 time clock
  • Amano TCX-21 time clock
  • Amano EX-3000 series time clock (single colour)
  • Amano EX-6000 series time clock (single colour)
  • Amano MJR-8500 time clock (single colour)

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