Max ER-2700 Calculating Time Clock

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The Max ER-2700 is an advanced calculating time recorder for up to 130 employees.

The Max ER-2700 does more than calculate the hours your employees work.  It can print easy to read symbols to annunciate late arrival, early departure and overtime, to help you spot irregularities.  With up to 6 columns for clock-ins, clock-outs, calculated time totals and accumulated hours, the Max ER-2700 is a powerful tool for small businesses.

With flexibility such as two-colour printing and external signal option as standard, the Max ER-2700 is ideal for businesses with approximately 100 employees.  For workplaces with more than 100 employees we recommend one of our computer based time and attendance packages.

Currently available as a package including 200 weekly payroll time cards and a 25 slot time card rack.

Main Features:
  • Auto-feed and auto-eject of time cards
  • Up to 4 columns - two IN and two OUT columns (both daily total and running total are provided)
  • Up to 6 columns - three IN and three OUT columns (no calculation is provided in this mode)
  • Print regular minutes (1/60) or 1/100 of hour
  • Print 12-hour (AM/PM) on 24-hour time
  • 3 selectable pay periods: monthly, weekly, or bi-weekly
  • Up to 22 signal times available with the facility to connect to external siren/bell
  • Automatic daylight saving time adjustment
  • An optional 4-digit password protects program data
  • Wall or desk mountable
  • Cassette type black and red ink ribbon (supplied)
  • Memory capacity - maximum of 130 cards
  • Built-in lithium back-up battery for 3-year data protection

  • ER-IR102E  Replacement black and red ink ribbon cartridge
  • KP-06  6 slot time card rack (plastic)
  • KP-10  10 slot time card rack (plastic)
  • KP-25  25 slot time card rack (plastic)
  • KP-21058  Extra plastic time card rack slots (suit KP-06, KP-10 and KP-25 racks)
  • 041532  Legrand 12V DC siren
  • 41555  Fulleon 12V DC 155mm bell

Compatible Time Cards:
  • ER-W  Payroll Time Card (weekly)
  • ER-M  Payroll Time Card (monthly)

  • Clock: Digital (date and time)
  • Accuracy: Monthly accuracy +/- 15 seconds (at ordinary temperature)
  • Ribbon cassette: two-colour (black and red) fabric
  • Power supply: 220-230V / 50Hz
  • Dimensions: 187 x 241 x 130 mm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: 2.5 kg (approximately)

What's in the box:
  • 1 - Max ER-2700 calculating time clock
  • 1 - Max ER-IR102E ribbon cartridge (installed)
  • 1 - Mounting hardware (2 screws)

Package option also includes:
  • 1 - KP-25 25 Slot Plastic Time Card Rack
  • 2 - Packets (100/pkt) of ER-W Payroll Time Cards (weekly)


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