Orbis Data Micro Timer

Part Number
Warranty Details
OB172012N (Data Micro +)
12 Months (return to base)

$280.00 (inc GST)  


Price (with 100mm Bell)

$434.00 (inc GST)  

Price (with 150mm Bell)

$483.50 (inc GST)  

Price (with Legrand Siren)

$555.00 (inc GST)  

Price (with SRN-680 Siren)

$478.00 (inc GST)  

Product details

This product is currently on backorder.

Those looking for a functionally similar unit should consider the Orbis Data Log Timer.

The Orbis Data Micro Timer is a 240V AC, single relay output, 7 day digital time switch.  Allowing up to 32 individual programmable events per week, it is ideally suited for stand-alone time signal control applications.

Supplied in a clipsal mounting box with a standard 240V AC plug and 1 metre cable to connect to any 240V AC audible device.

Main applications:
  • Annunciating start and finish of shifts
  • Smoko break timer
  • School bell timer

Main features:
  • 32 individual programmable events per week
  • Impulse time from 1 second to 59 minutes 59 seconds
  • Single change-over (SPDT) relay output (dry contact, 16A @ 240V)
  • Automatic daylight saving adjustment
  • Simple to program

Installation notes:
  • Must be installed by a qualified electrician

  • 041349  Legrand 240V AC 100mm external bell
  • 041419  Legrand 240V AC 150mm external bell
  • 041539  Legrand 240V AC siren
  • SRN-680  XL Siren 240V AC siren


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